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Hi mom!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

If you're friends with me on social media, you've likely noticed that I post about my children. A LOT. That doesn't make me unique. Every mom in the universe posts about their kids on Facebook because every mom in the universe thinks her kids are the most precious kids in the universe. She's not wrong. All kids are awesome. They're funny and weird and gross and they do cute stuff that surprises us. I am not the exception. I am the rule.

However, what I have found through my obsessive posting is that my friends and family think my kids are as funny as I do. Over my short career as a parent, I have slowly begun posting more and more. Mostly for myself. There is something super therapeutic about sharing your life with people and having them reciprocate. Whenever I post a funny quote or picture of my kids, people respond! And it's awesome! They encourage. They ask questions. They share their own experiences. It's such a beautiful thing. I have loved it.

Over time, feedback as sporadically popped up that I have not really taken seriously. I would get the comment here or there, "You should start a blog!"

I would shrug it off. "Nobody would read that but my mom" I would say to myself.

But lately something has shifted. I find myself actively seeking out blogs and podcasts by parents in this same crazy season I'm in. After working in the professional world for 7+ years, I found myself a stay-at-home mom unexpectedly after the birth of my second daughter. Needless to say, my thirst for community and a new sense of normalcy has grown stronger and stronger. So finally, after a sudden wave of people encouraging me to start a blog popped up this fall, I thought I might give it a spin. I figure, If I'm looking for it...maybe other people are, too?

People might read it. People might not. I'm good either way. I am just looking to use this as an open and honest online journal of sorts. If I make a few friends (other than my mom) and I help a few folks along the way....Well, that's the cherry on the sundae, baby.

What you will find here...

I could tell you that I know exactly what "the vibe" of this blog is and what kind of "energy" I'm going to put off with it. But not only would that make me a liar, it would make me a total wiener trying too hard to sound like a Kardashian. All I know is this is going to be a super honest space I share:

-funny crap my kids do and say

-crazy stuff happening on our little ranch (there is always something)

-recipes and cooking tips here and there

-products I love

-home and garden ish

-random thoughts, rants, and ramblings (feel free to blow me off when these posts pop up)

Hey, Thanks!

I really appreciate you stopping in to check out my first post. I hope that you'll go on this journey with me (whoa...that made me sound like Mr. Rogers.). I don't know what this is going to end up looking like. I don't know what it's going to mean. Who knows? Maybe it will become your favorite bathroom reading material.

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